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Welcome Traveller!
Order of the White Flame is one of the oldest kinships on the Laurelin server, a kinship based on friendship. We offer a casual, mature and helpful environment.

In Order of the White Flame we want similar minded fellows who like to have fun and don’t mind taking part in discussions going on in kin-chat. When joining our kinship you will have the best opportunity to make new friends, fight in all kinds of instances, and get help when needed.

We are Central European based, but have members from all over the world. The Time Zones to the right show some of the kinship's members' times.

We have a kinship band called "The White Flames", and we welcome all members to take part if they so wish.

We moved to this site on September 25, 2015, and we would be happy if all members can move here as soon as possible. You reach the old website from this link. (opens in a new window)
Kinship Rules, Leaders and officers, Voice chat
Kinship rules
These are the rules of Order of the White Flame (opens in a new window)

Current leaders and officers:
Lynith (leader), Aifel, Trincia, Finsamidor, Kaeowyn, Bethelda

Voice chat
We use Discord as our main way of communicating. Before an instance, raid or band rehearsal starts, please have Discord ready.
Information on how to connect to Discord is found in the lower right corner of this window when logged in.